Samantha & Tyler

Samantha and Tyler have been together for over 10 years after meeting in the hallways of Ocean City High School. Since then, the high school sweethearts have gone to different colleges, graduated, moved to Florida together, moved back to New Jersey and purchased a home together in Egg Harbor Township.

Louise & Michael

On May 21, 2011, Louise attended the wedding of her colleague, Colleen, and Mike attended the same wedding of his friend, Tim, at the Seaport Museum in Philadelphia. Louise and Mike arrived at different times, but were both greeted by the same bartender in the elevator (yes, you read that correctly) that told them it was going to be one ridiculously fun night. Conveniently, Louise and Mike were seated at the same table. Mike was quiet at first, which led Louise to believe he wasn’t having fun.

Shelley & Chris

Shelley and Chris met four years ago online through OkCupid! Neither one of them signed up thinking it would lead to marriage, but both feel very fortunate that it did. Their first date was at the Great American Pub in Conshohocken where they sat for an unexpectedly long time talking and laughing.

A few years later on a beautiful fall day in October 2014, Chris proposed in a park behind his and Shelley’s apartment. It was an intimate proposal and a total surprise to Shelley – the couple had talked about marriage, but she had no clue when he was going to propose.

Kristin & Casey

Kristin and Casey first met in middle school in West Grove, PA in 2000. After middle school, the two went to different high schools and grew apart. But a few years later in 2009, they met once again at West Chester University, where they both attended college, and would often catch up whenever running into each other on campus. After graduating from West Chester in 2009, Kristin and Casey both moved back home and started dating a year later in 2010.

Lisa & Jeff

Lisa and her ex-husband had separated a few weeks prior to a business trip to Hawaii in January 2009. Fortunately, her friend CJ took her ex-husband’s place on the trip and they had a great time. A few months later, CJ mentioned to Lisa that her husband knew a guy who was also recently separated; that guy was Jeff. CJ insisted that they meet, claiming that the two of them would be very compatible. After much persistence from CJ, Lisa and Jeff finally agreed to meet.

Erika & Matthew

Erika and Matthew met on and realized during their first few email exchanges that they lived in the same complex just three streets away from each other. They decided to meet for the first time at Mediterra in Princeton, NJ for a drink, and the rest was history!

Jenna & Zach

How they met: Zach and Jenna met as lifeguards on the Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol. They had their first date at the Lifeguard Ball later that summer. In the fall, Zach went back to Penn State to finish his senior year while Jenna also went to Penn State to begin her college career.

The proposal: Zach proposed on their ninth anniversary under the full moon on the Fort Lauderdale beach. Jenna was so excited to spend the rest of her life with her very best friend.

Lindsay & Michael

How they met: Lindsay and Michael met right after high school and began their love story right away.

The proposal: Six years later, Michael proposed in New York City. It was in Grand Central Station that Michael handed his phone to a stranger and asked him to take as many pictures as he could. He then turned around and got down on one knee. “It caused quite the scene,” Lindsay remembers.

Alicia & Bryan

How they met: Alicia and Bryan met through mutual friends. They had their first date at the Brown Room.

The proposal: Alicia is a Vet Tech, so Bryan arranged for their dog to wear a tuxedo with a ring attached.


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