Cape May

Angela & Rick

Angela and Rick met online on PlentyOfFish, Rick a widow for three years and Angela divorced for four. Rick is two years younger than Angela and at the time was only looking at online profiles up to his age. But he decided to extend his search to two years older after showing a friend profiles of women in that age range… that's when Angela's profile popped up. Thinking she looked better than the women his age, he decided to write her an email. At first, Angela wasn't impressed by his photo, but once she looked further into his profile she really liked what she saw.

Logan & Bobby

Logan and Bobby first met in high school at a championship soccer game, where she spotted Bobby from across the room. Confused as to why she didn’t know him (they both went to small private schools and everybody knew everybody), she went up to him mid-conversation and asked, “I'm sorry, who are you?”

“Bobby, who are you?” he replied with a funny look. Logan told him her name, turned around and walked away.

Lauren & Zackary

Lauren and Zackary first met in high school at Lower Cape May Regional High School. They began dating when Lauren was a senior, and continued to date while she went off to college at Rowan University and Zack stayed home to work. After Lauren graduated, they decided to take the next step and purchase their first home together.

Amanda & Daniel

In 2006, Amanda knocked on the door of a house party at the College of New Jersey and was greeted by a man with a baby bottle wearing a diaper and Uggs. Little did she know, this man in a crazy costume named Daniel would soon be the love of her life.

Lauren & Matt

Lauren and Matt were both born and raised in Cape May County and have known each other since elementary school. Throughout the years they became good friends, but it wasn't until college that they became even closer and eventually started dating.

Victoria & Joseph

When Victoria and Joseph met through a mutual friend at work, Joe claimed he “definitely would not be getting into a relationship any time soon.” However, he asked Victoria out on their first official date a few weeks later, and they haven’t gone a day without talking since.

Almost two years later, Joe decided it was time to pop the question. In December, he asked Victoria’s parents’ permission and told them he’d be asking “soon” (which they thought meant a few weeks). But it wasn’t until March, right before Victoria and Joe’s two year anniversary, that he got down on one knee.

Alicia & Kevin

Alicia and Kevin met in September 2014 at Keenan’s in North Wildwood during Irish Weekend. Alicia was standing at the bar with her friend when her friend pointed out a cute guy to her. She turned around to see Kevin twirling at the bar. “What a weirdo!” she thought. Her comment caught his attention, so Kevin decided to strike up a conversation. From there, the two ended up spending much of their time together over Irish Weekend. They hit it off and it’s been love ever since.

Erin & Chris

Erin and Chris’s love story began on December 5, 2012, just four days after Erin moved from Cape May County to New York City. They met unexpectedly through their mutual best friends over happy hour drinks. Though their conversation was brief, it was clear they had a serious interest in each other (even though neither of them was looking for a relationship). The following Friday night, Erin, Chris and their friends met for drinks again. After hours of talking and really hitting it off, they took a walk to Madison Square Park and had a late dinner. From there, the rest was history.

Jennifer & Brian

Jennifer and Brian instantly clicked the first time they met. While Jennifer was working at a local restaurant in Cape May, her co-worker set her and Brian up on a blind date. After that first date, they saw each other three other times that week. Three months later, Jennifer moved in with Brian, and within three years the two were engaged.

Pamela & Steven

Pamela and Steven’s long history together stems from childhood friendship. Pamela's mother worked as a secretary for Steven's father at his mechanic shop in North Wildwood, and Pamela’s mother often took Pamela, 5 years old at the time, to play with Steven, 8 years old at the time. Years later, Pamela, 16, and Steven, 19, reconnected when Steven moved in next door to Pamela's mother's home. Their friendship truly blossomed over the next couple years, and no matter where their lives took them, they always remained in contact.


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