Cape May Court House

Tyler & Michaela

Michaela & Tyler
August 17, 2018

Photographer: Jackie Kocis


High school sweethearts Michaela and Tyler were married in the church where they grew up together, First United Methodist Church in Cape May Court House. They were born and raised in Cape May County and could not imagine having their wedding anywhere else.

Tom & Jackie

Tom and Jackie
November 10, 2018

Photographer: Nomadic Reverie

It was love at first sight for Tom and Jackie, who met at a friend’s birthday at a nightclub in North Wildwood. After that night, everything just worked out between Tom and Jackie. They tell the joke that they literally “found love in a hopeless place.”

Mariel & Justin

Mariel has been visiting the shore for quite some time, her father growing up spending his summers here. One summer night, Mariel met Justin while out with friends in Wildwood. Their first conversation consisted of them making fun of a stereotypical bachelorette party. They laughed, had a drink and went their separate ways. The two ended up crossing paths again the next day and all Mariel could think was, “Oh yeah, the guy with the mustache,” as Justin sports a large handlebar mustache. A few phone calls and conversations later, Mariel and Justin went on their first date.

Erin & Gregory

Erin and Gregory met at the Princeton in Avalon in August 2013. Erin was there for a work event, and Greg tagged along with a co-worker of Erin's to the event. After being introduced by Erin's co-worker, the two ended up talking most of the night in a conversation that came natural to the both of them.

Stefanie & Chuck

Stefanie and Chuck met at their local gym, where they both worked out regularly. After sensing a spark, both Stefanie and Chuck began not-so-secretly arriving to the gym at the same time so they had the opportunity to "bump into" each other. They got to talking and eventually began working out together, allowing time to chat and get to know one another. Eventually Stefanie and Chuck went on their first date, and neither of them ever looked back!

Nicole & Matthew

Nicole and Matt met in 2011 through mutual friends. When Matt finally called Nicole and asked her to meet him out, Nicole was upset to decline due to a trip to the Emergency Room. But about 20 minutes later, Nicole noticed someone peeking around the corner of her ER room. It was Matt! He had managed to visit Nicole in between a friend’s bachelor party and dinner. A few nights later when Nicole was released from the ER, she left work and found a rose from Matt on her car windshield, which signified the beginning of their relationship together.

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