Tom & Jackie

Tom and Jackie
November 10, 2018

Photographer: Nomadic Reverie

It was love at first sight for Tom and Jackie, who met at a friend’s birthday at a nightclub in North Wildwood. After that night, everything just worked out between Tom and Jackie. They tell the joke that they literally “found love in a hopeless place.”

​​​​​​​Kirby & Riley

Kirby and Riley first met during their junior year at Penn State at a meeting for a study abroad program in Granada, Spain. After that, they ran into each other again thanks to a mutual friend, although Kirby didn’t recall their first meeting and was confused when Riley asked if she was going to Granada. They then became Facebook friends and chatted briefly before going abroad. While Kirby planned to make new friends before heading to the foreign country, Riley still jokes that he became her “back up” friend for the trip.

Carly & Shane

Carly and Shane went to rival high schools, but grew up just five minutes away from each other in Cape May Court House. After college, when they both moved home to start job hunting, they reconnected and met up one night at The Princeton in Avalon. From there, their relationship bloomed into much more than just friendship.

Lauren & Zackary

Lauren and Zackary first met in high school at Lower Cape May Regional High School. They began dating when Lauren was a senior, and continued to date while she went off to college at Rowan University and Zack stayed home to work. After Lauren graduated, they decided to take the next step and purchase their first home together.

Amanda & Daniel

In 2006, Amanda knocked on the door of a house party at the College of New Jersey and was greeted by a man with a baby bottle wearing a diaper and Uggs. Little did she know, this man in a crazy costume named Daniel would soon be the love of her life.

Vicki & Ken

Vicki and Ken were both born and raised in Cape May County, and had their first encounter as preschoolers at Alphabet Alley (formerly in Wildwood Crest). However, despite living in the same county, crossing paths as children and both attending local high schools, the two didn’t know each other very well until January 2012.

Vicki was home during winter break of her senior year of college, and Ken had just returned home from deployment in Afghanistan. As fate would have it, Vicki and Ken crossed paths yet again, which was the beginning of their relationship together.

Morgan & Vincent

Morgan and Vincent’s love story began over a mutual love of hockey, all with a little help from Morgan’s mother. Morgan’s mother worked with Vincent and felt that he would be a great match for her daughter. Little did Morgan know, her mother was right.

Lauren & Matt

Lauren and Matt were both born and raised in Cape May County and have known each other since elementary school. Throughout the years they became good friends, but it wasn't until college that they became even closer and eventually started dating.

Erin & Chris

Erin and Chris’s love story began on December 5, 2012, just four days after Erin moved from Cape May County to New York City. They met unexpectedly through their mutual best friends over happy hour drinks. Though their conversation was brief, it was clear they had a serious interest in each other (even though neither of them was looking for a relationship). The following Friday night, Erin, Chris and their friends met for drinks again. After hours of talking and really hitting it off, they took a walk to Madison Square Park and had a late dinner. From there, the rest was history.

Mariel & Justin

Mariel has been visiting the shore for quite some time, her father growing up spending his summers here. One summer night, Mariel met Justin while out with friends in Wildwood. Their first conversation consisted of them making fun of a stereotypical bachelorette party. They laughed, had a drink and went their separate ways. The two ended up crossing paths again the next day and all Mariel could think was, “Oh yeah, the guy with the mustache,” as Justin sports a large handlebar mustache. A few phone calls and conversations later, Mariel and Justin went on their first date.


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