​​​​​​​Kirby & Riley

Kirby and Riley first met during their junior year at Penn State at a meeting for a study abroad program in Granada, Spain. After that, they ran into each other again thanks to a mutual friend, although Kirby didn’t recall their first meeting and was confused when Riley asked if she was going to Granada. They then became Facebook friends and chatted briefly before going abroad. While Kirby planned to make new friends before heading to the foreign country, Riley still jokes that he became her “back up” friend for the trip.

Carly & Shane

Carly and Shane went to rival high schools, but grew up just five minutes away from each other in Cape May Court House. After college, when they both moved home to start job hunting, they reconnected and met up one night at The Princeton in Avalon. From there, their relationship bloomed into much more than just friendship.

Laura & Scott

Laura and Scott met during their time at Ocean City High School, but remained just friends for quite some time (regardless of the crush they had on each other). After graduation, Laura went off to college and Scott went off to Maryland to become a firefighter, and later Georgia for trade school. During that time, the two never talked or saw each other, but they did manage to run into each other five years later when they both came back home. They started to catch up and discuss what they had done since high school, and instantly hit it off.

Janelle & Matt

Janelle and Matt met in college through their university's ambassador program, and while there is photo proof that they attended some of the same parties, the two were just acquaintances until they connected again in Hoboken a few years after college. Janelle needed an extra player on her dodgeball team, so Matt filled in one night, and two weeks later they were “officially” in love. Matt left on deployment soon after, and after making it through that, the couple knew they would make it through anything life threw their way.

Kristen & Scott

Kristen and Scott met on December 8, 2009 through a mutual friend. Over the following two months, Kristen and Scott became close friends and bonded over various mutual interests. The couple became official on February 24, 2010, and after 3 years of dating, he proposed!

Devin & TJ

How they met: Devin and TJ met in the summer of 2011. Devin was bartending at The Deck in Wildwood and TJ worked just across the street at Weichert Realty. A close friend told TJ to check out the new bartender in town, and the rest is history!

The proposal: After eight months, Devin and TJ flew to Bermuda. TJ proposed at a restaurant near their hotel. Devin says, “He was so nervous, he dropped the ring!”

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