Julia & Gregory

Julia and Gregory
May 19, 2018

Photographer: Gerald Emnace, GRE Photography

Julia and Gregory’s first date was the longest and best date either of them had ever been on. They met in Philly at a bar and bar hopped, ate and laughed their way through Fishtown. A few days later, Greg cooked Julia dinner and they started spending all of their time together.

Angela & Rick

Angela and Rick met online on PlentyOfFish, Rick a widow for three years and Angela divorced for four. Rick is two years younger than Angela and at the time was only looking at online profiles up to his age. But he decided to extend his search to two years older after showing a friend profiles of women in that age range… that's when Angela's profile popped up. Thinking she looked better than the women his age, he decided to write her an email. At first, Angela wasn't impressed by his photo, but once she looked further into his profile she really liked what she saw.

Kelly & Tim

Kelly and Tim met in Ocean City, Kelly's hometown, during the summer of 2010. Tim grew up in Cinnaminson, N.J., but he and his friends were visiting Ocean City for the week when the two met. One night during the guys' stay, Kelly and a couple of girlfriends, whom she met in college at Rowan University and are also from Cinnaminson, went over to the house Tim and his friends were renting for the week. One of Kelly's girlfriends happened to be the sister of Tim's best friend (and future best man).

Chelsey & Adam

Chelsey and Adam had known each other since middle school, but despite having many classes together throughout the years, they never really met until their senior year of high school in 2006. The couple met on Halloween night after going trick-or-treating with a group of friends. Adam was dressed as a nerd, but that must've had a charming effect on Chelsey, because the rest is history. As Chelsey puts it, "We truly are the best of friends."

Dianna & David

This bride and groom-to-be exhausted past dating avenues and ventured online to a dating application called Plenty of Fish. It wasn't the typical introduction you'd find through mutual friends, blind dates or out and about, but nonetheless, Dianna and David are not typical, so it was quite appropriate. They have many similar characteristics and attributes, but enough differences for them to continue to be intrigued by one another and on their toes. After a few months of chatting, Dianna and David met up in a non-traditional fashion, wearing sweatpants for a comfy evening at home.

Jillian & Trey

Jillian and Trey met online in August 2014. When it came time to finally meet in person, Jillian was on crutches for the first date due to tearing her ACL while playing soccer. After their date, Trey repeatedly visited Jillian post-surgery and took care of her. She knew if he was by her side during all of this, especially so early in the relationship, he would be in it for the long haul. 

Shannon & Erik

Shannon and Erik met down the shore during Columbus Day weekend in 2011 through family members.

Two years later during Columbus Day weekend, Shannon, her family and Erik went up north to Portland, Maine for Shannon’s 30th birthday. One night during their trip, Shannon, Erik and a few close family members when to Sea Dog Brewery for dinner. While there, Erik took Shannon outside to a deck that overlooked a waterfall. While looking at the beautiful fall scenery, Erik popped the question and Shannon said yes.

Erika & Matthew

Erika and Matthew met on Match.com and realized during their first few email exchanges that they lived in the same complex just three streets away from each other. They decided to meet for the first time at Mediterra in Princeton, NJ for a drink, and the rest was history!


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