Logan & Bobby

Logan and Bobby first met in high school at a championship soccer game, where she spotted Bobby from across the room. Confused as to why she didn’t know him (they both went to small private schools and everybody knew everybody), she went up to him mid-conversation and asked, “I'm sorry, who are you?”

“Bobby, who are you?” he replied with a funny look. Logan told him her name, turned around and walked away.

Laura & Scott

Laura and Scott met during their time at Ocean City High School, but remained just friends for quite some time (regardless of the crush they had on each other). After graduation, Laura went off to college and Scott went off to Maryland to become a firefighter, and later Georgia for trade school. During that time, the two never talked or saw each other, but they did manage to run into each other five years later when they both came back home. They started to catch up and discuss what they had done since high school, and instantly hit it off.

Victoria & Joseph

When Victoria and Joseph met through a mutual friend at work, Joe claimed he “definitely would not be getting into a relationship any time soon.” However, he asked Victoria out on their first official date a few weeks later, and they haven’t gone a day without talking since.

Almost two years later, Joe decided it was time to pop the question. In December, he asked Victoria’s parents’ permission and told them he’d be asking “soon” (which they thought meant a few weeks). But it wasn’t until March, right before Victoria and Joe’s two year anniversary, that he got down on one knee.

Alicia & Kevin

Alicia and Kevin met in September 2014 at Keenan’s in North Wildwood during Irish Weekend. Alicia was standing at the bar with her friend when her friend pointed out a cute guy to her. She turned around to see Kevin twirling at the bar. “What a weirdo!” she thought. Her comment caught his attention, so Kevin decided to strike up a conversation. From there, the two ended up spending much of their time together over Irish Weekend. They hit it off and it’s been love ever since.

Stefanie & Chuck

Stefanie and Chuck met at their local gym, where they both worked out regularly. After sensing a spark, both Stefanie and Chuck began not-so-secretly arriving to the gym at the same time so they had the opportunity to "bump into" each other. They got to talking and eventually began working out together, allowing time to chat and get to know one another. Eventually Stefanie and Chuck went on their first date, and neither of them ever looked back!

Jennifer & Brian

Jennifer and Brian instantly clicked the first time they met. While Jennifer was working at a local restaurant in Cape May, her co-worker set her and Brian up on a blind date. After that first date, they saw each other three other times that week. Three months later, Jennifer moved in with Brian, and within three years the two were engaged.

Pamela & Steven

Pamela and Steven’s long history together stems from childhood friendship. Pamela's mother worked as a secretary for Steven's father at his mechanic shop in North Wildwood, and Pamela’s mother often took Pamela, 5 years old at the time, to play with Steven, 8 years old at the time. Years later, Pamela, 16, and Steven, 19, reconnected when Steven moved in next door to Pamela's mother's home. Their friendship truly blossomed over the next couple years, and no matter where their lives took them, they always remained in contact.

Samantha & Tyler

Samantha and Tyler have been together for over 10 years after meeting in the hallways of Ocean City High School. Since then, the high school sweethearts have gone to different colleges, graduated, moved to Florida together, moved back to New Jersey and purchased a home together in Egg Harbor Township.

Allison & Eric

Allison and Eric went to the same high school and lived in neighboring towns, but it wasn’t until their college years that they met through a mutual friend. In 2009, Allison and Eric went on their first trip to Central Park in New York City, and five years later, they went back for more than just a stroll around the park.


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