Vicki & Ken

Vicki and Ken were both born and raised in Cape May County, and had their first encounter as preschoolers at Alphabet Alley (formerly in Wildwood Crest). However, despite living in the same county, crossing paths as children and both attending local high schools, the two didn’t know each other very well until January 2012.

Vicki was home during winter break of her senior year of college, and Ken had just returned home from deployment in Afghanistan. As fate would have it, Vicki and Ken crossed paths yet again, which was the beginning of their relationship together.

Lisa & Jeff

Lisa and her ex-husband had separated a few weeks prior to a business trip to Hawaii in January 2009. Fortunately, her friend CJ took her ex-husband’s place on the trip and they had a great time. A few months later, CJ mentioned to Lisa that her husband knew a guy who was also recently separated; that guy was Jeff. CJ insisted that they meet, claiming that the two of them would be very compatible. After much persistence from CJ, Lisa and Jeff finally agreed to meet.

Deb & Frank

How they met: Deb and Frank grew up in the same town together and attended the same high school. But this is not where their love story begins. Frank joined the Air Force and Deb did not speak to him again until 25 years later. Through Facebook, Deb sent Frank a friend request before their high school reunion, and the rest is history.

Lindsay & Michael

How they met: Lindsay and Michael met right after high school and began their love story right away.

The proposal: Six years later, Michael proposed in New York City. It was in Grand Central Station that Michael handed his phone to a stranger and asked him to take as many pictures as he could. He then turned around and got down on one knee. “It caused quite the scene,” Lindsay remembers.

Caitlin & Bill

How they met: Caitlin and Bill met at a local pub in the summer of 2011. This was Bill's second home as he had worked there for 12 summers. Caitlin was out for a girl’s night and Bill was off that night but happened to be at the pub. They met at the back bar and Bill knew it was love at first sight!

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