Alicia & Bryan

How they met: Alicia and Bryan met through mutual friends. They had their first date at the Brown Room.

The proposal: Alicia is a Vet Tech, so Bryan arranged for their dog to wear a tuxedo with a ring attached.

The planning: Bryan is in the Coast Guard and was transferred to St. Louis after his time in Cape May. When the couple got engaged, Alicia knew she wanted to get married in Cape May because that is where they met and fell in love. Alicia’s mom was crucial in the planning process since she was still in the area. They planned for a small and intimate wedding in Cape May.

The wedding: Alicia and Bryan were married on September 14 on the beaches of Cape May. The reception followed.

What Alicia remembers: “As soon as I saw Bryan it was like there was no one else in the room,” Alicia says. It was a very special moment for Alicia and Bryan.


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