Allison & Eric

September 6, 2015
The Grand Hotel, Cape May
Photographer: RHM Photography

Allison and Eric went to the same high school and lived in neighboring towns, but it wasn’t until their college years that they met through a mutual friend. In 2009, Allison and Eric went on their first trip to Central Park in New York City, and five years later, they went back for more than just a stroll around the park.

On April 5, 2014, Allison and Eric went to New York City for Eric’s “birthday dinner.” They visited Central Park and reminisced about their first trip to the location while sitting on a large rock overlooking the park. Eric told Allison he knew back then there was something special between them, and that’s when he popped the question. Of course, she said yes!

Being the girl that Allison is, she had been planning her dream wedding long before getting engaged, so she had many ideas already in mind. Both Allison and Eric loved the idea of a wedding in a beach town, especially Cape May. Allison says, “We love coming to Cape May because there really is no beach town that compares.” Allison and Eric started planning and booking vendors in Cape May very early in their engagement with help from their families and the wedding and special events coordinator at their venue, The Grand Hotel of Cape May. They both wanted a wedding that overlooked the ocean, so the sundeck at The Grand Hotel was the perfect choice. After seeing The Grand Hotel's gorgeous Penthouse Ballroom, they were sold on the venue. Allison shares that Cape May’s great vendors made the searching and planning process simple.

The wedding was held on September 6, 2015 on the second floor sundeck at The Grand Hotel. One of many perks of having the wedding in Cape May, specifically over Labor Day Weekend, was that Allison’s and Eric’s friends and family had an extra day to spend at the beach!

Allison’s most memorable moment from her and Eric’s special day happened towards the end of the reception. The DJ played one of Allison’s favorite songs, “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, and had the guests form a big circle on the dance floor. Everyone swayed while belting it out, and Allison and Eric went around the circle hugging and thanking everyone for coming. Then, the couple joined in the circle and sang along, too. Allison says, “It was really a great way to end the most perfect day.”

Since the wedding, the happy couple is settled in their new apartment in Santa Monica, California. Allison says, “If we have to plan our wedding all over again, we would pick the same vendors. The day went perfect!”


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