Amanda & Daniel

November 4, 2017
Congress Hall, Cape May
Photographer: Conner Allen: Photographer

In 2006, Amanda knocked on the door of a house party at the College of New Jersey and was greeted by a man with a baby bottle wearing a diaper and Uggs. Little did she know, this man in a crazy costume named Daniel would soon be the love of her life.

In summer 2010, after years of emails and lots of political banter, Daniel invited Amanda down to his family’s motel in Wildwood – where this time she was greeted by a fuzzy Border Collie named Scooter – and she never left. Ever since then, Amanda and Daniel have been almost inseparable, spending every day together and eventually starting their own business so they were never apart.

Five years later in February 2015, Daniel decided it was time to get down on one knee. While on vacation in the Bahamas, Amanda and her family decided to do a photo session at the Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island. When they showed up for the photoshoot, Amanda was shocked to see Daniel standing at the bottom of the steps waiting to ask her a very important question. He flew to the Bahamas just to propose!

Amanda and Daniel had a long engagement due to opening two jewelry stores in Cape May, but in August 2017 they suddenly decided to finally book a date. They went to Congress Hall and booked a fall wedding for November 4, 2017, giving them just four months to plan their big day. They quickly searched for vendors and found just what they needed to fulfill Amanda’s dream of a vintage wedding.

Everything from the rehearsal dinner, to the ceremony performed by family-friend Darryl Gay, to the reception was spectacular. After Scooter walked Daniel down the aisle, Amanda followed escorted by her mother. Amanda looked stunning in a gorgeous full lace wedding dress, a sparkling headpiece made by Marianna Harutunian – a designer in Los Angeles who creates pieces for Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj – and antique jewelry from her and Daniel’s store, Queen May.

You could feel the love all day long, from the start of getting ready to the moment of silence they had for Amanda’s late father. “It was truly a memorable day full of love, laughter and meticulous details,” shares Amanda.

Amanda and Daniel reside in the beautiful and historic town of Cape May. You can visit them at their estate jewelry stores, Queen May on Lafayette Street and Queen May at Congress Hall.


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