Caitlin & Bill

How they met: Caitlin and Bill met at a local pub in the summer of 2011. This was Bill's second home as he had worked there for 12 summers. Caitlin was out for a girl’s night and Bill was off that night but happened to be at the pub. They met at the back bar and Bill knew it was love at first sight!

The proposal: Bill proposed on November 17. Caitlin had just completed the Philly half-marathon. After the race, they stopped at Love Park to take some pictures. Caitlin was confused because Bill kept talking while her mom was trying to take a picture. He then got down on one knee. “I was not expecting it at all. I thought it would be a while until he asked me to be his forever!” Caitlin says. It was just a day shy of their two year anniversary.

The planning: Planning was a breeze for Caitlin as they knew right away they wanted to celebrate where they met. “We met there and built our relationship down the shore, so it was natural for us to have a seashore wedding,” Caitlin says. Caitlin and Bill have spent every summer down the shore, so Caitlin felt like she was planning a wedding in her hometown.

The wedding: Caitlin took Bill’s last name on the overcast morning of October 4. When Caitlin arrived at the ceremony in the trolley, the day could have not gotten brighter! The sun was shining the entire ceremony. Immediately following the ceremony the sun went away, which was perfect for the photographers to get great pictures. “It was an awesome day,” Caitlin says.

Caitlin and Bill’s favorite moment: The entrance was their favorite moment. They walked the length of the bar which set the tone for the evening. “We wanted a big celebration and that’s exactly what we got!” Caitlin says.


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