Dianna & David

May 15, 2016
Yacht Club of Sea Isle City
Photographer: Ashley Skorupa Photography

This bride and groom-to-be exhausted past dating avenues and ventured online to a dating application called Plenty of Fish. It wasn't the typical introduction you'd find through mutual friends, blind dates or out and about, but nonetheless, Dianna and David are not typical, so it was quite appropriate. They have many similar characteristics and attributes, but enough differences for them to continue to be intrigued by one another and on their toes. After a few months of chatting, Dianna and David met up in a non-traditional fashion, wearing sweatpants for a comfy evening at home. Since their first meeting, they were inseparable, and over the next year they fell madly in love. Traveling the country together, leaving the country and visiting countless places within their home area of the Lehigh Valley, the couple grew closer together with each new experience and eventually became engaged.

Dianna chose Sea Isle City for its resonance as the home of many childhood summers spent in her father's condo. Besides that childhood connection, Dianna and David agreed the area was the perfect location for their wedding day, since they did meet on a dating application whose name has fish in it! Additionally, in honor of Dianna's father's passing over Christmas Eve, she decided that the Yacht Club of Sea Isle City would bring his spirit alive for the couple's special day.

Dianna and David greatly anticipated their ceremony in May and couldn't wait for their friends and family to join them in their celebration of love, which ended up being a beautiful day.


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