Elizabeth and Tyler

by Rachel Shubin

Elizabeth and Tyler

September 29, 2018

Photographer: Jessica Merlino


Tyler and Elizabeth first met at Washington College in March of 2010. Elizabeth was a sophomore and student worker for the college’s Sports Information Department and Tyler was a Freshman on the baseball team. They were just good friend until June 2012, when they decided to make it official.

For four years, the couple had a long distance relationship where they only saw each other on weekend and holidays, due to Elizabeth living and working in Cape May at her family’s campground and Tyler living and working in Chestertown, Maryland at Washington College. On July 1, 2016, with the help of Elizabeth’s amazing family, Tyler surprised her at “The Cove” beach in Cape May and asked her to marry him. It was such a surprise because Tyler was supposed to meet Elizabeth and her family for dinner at the Harbor View Restaurant to celebrate him moving down to Cape May for good!

Throughout the day, Tyler kept her updated on his move and the shore traffic he was stuck in. He had her convinced that he wasn’t going to make it to dinner and that he would see her at home late that night. Elizabeth was so bummed that he missed dinner, her family decided to take her into Cape May to watch the sunset, which was the plan all along. While taking a photo with her sister of the sunset, Elizabeth noticed a lot of spectator smiling and pointing at her. When she turned around to see what was so funny, she found Tyler on one knee!

As a lifelong parishioner of “Our Lady Star of the Sea” Church, Elizabeth knew she wanted to have her wedding ceremony there. When it came to finding a venue, the couple knew that the beautiful landscape of water would be incorporated somehow and that choice was confirmed when they saw Stone Harbor Yacht Club for the first time. Our Lady Star of the Sea was stunning, and from the second Elizabeth walked down the aisle, the entire day was perfect.

The bridal party photos at “The Cove” eloquently showed the beauty of Cape May beaches,and on the trolley ride up to the Stone Harbor Yacht Club, everyone was able to see why Elizabeth and Tyler chose Cape May County. The reception at the Stone Harbor Yacht Club was the perfect ending to the happy couple’s special day. From the decorations to the music, food and drink, the Yacht Club was the perfect representation of Cape May County to their out of town friends. Elizabeth and Tyler are proud year-round residents of Cape May and couldn’t be happier to have chosen this amazing town for their wedding location.


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