Janelle & Matt

September 12, 2015
Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, Rio Grande
Photographer: Christopher Vanderyajt

Janelle and Matt met in college through their university's ambassador program, and while there is photo proof that they attended some of the same parties, the two were just acquaintances until they connected again in Hoboken a few years after college. Janelle needed an extra player on her dodgeball team, so Matt filled in one night, and two weeks later they were “officially” in love. Matt left on deployment soon after, and after making it through that, the couple knew they would make it through anything life threw their way.

Matt proposed along the water in Croatia while they were on a sailing vacation with a group of friends, so all of their friends were there to witness the special moment. Soon after, Janelle and Matt started planning their big day from their temporary home in Florida, the site of Matt's relocation, while simultaneously building their home back in New Jersey.

For this couple, the Cape May area was the perfect “not-too-far-from-home” destination that combined their dream venue: beautiful beaches plus nice homes their families could rent for the weekend. Matt is a pilot, so when they found the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, they thought it was the perfect venue to hold a large group and personalize to their desire with various DIY projects. It was a labor of love turning the WWII airplane hangar into the couple's dream wedding space, as friends and family pitched in many hours to help them.

Although they planned to get married on the beach in Cape May, the rain moved the ceremony inside the airplane hangar. Janelle recalls the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum truly making their wedding process fabulous, especially when the weather created a change of plans. She commented that they had a fantastic team there to help on the days leading up to the wedding, the actual wedding day and the day after for clean up.

Janelle remembers her and Matt’s wedding day as "a perfect day and one heck of a party." For Janelle and Matt, Cape May County was the perfect place to begin their happily ever after.


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