Kristin & Casey

September 26, 2015
Golden Inn, Avalon
Photographer: Catchlight Photgraphy

Kristin and Casey first met in middle school in West Grove, PA in 2000. After middle school, the two went to different high schools and grew apart. But a few years later in 2009, they met once again at West Chester University, where they both attended college, and would often catch up whenever running into each other on campus. After graduating from West Chester in 2009, Kristin and Casey both moved back home and started dating a year later in 2010.

The proposal was simple, just how both Kristin and Casey wanted it to be. After a date night on November 26, 2014, Casey handed Kristin a bottle of champagne.

“What’s this for?” asked Kristin.

“To celebrate,” replied Casey.

Kristin was curious and confused, but it all became clear once Casey got down on one knee. He asked Kristin to marry him, she said yes, and they celebrated with their bottle of champagne.

Kristin and Casey took about nine month to plan a small ceremony and reception in Avalon, and a larger backyard reception in Pennsylvania at a later date. The couple instantly chose Avalon for their wedding day; Casey’s family has been vacationing in Avalon every summer for almost 20 years, and when Kristin and Casey started dating back in 2010, Kristin got to join in the adventures. Kristin says, “We've had so many great times from Ocean City to Cape May, but mostly on the Seven Mile Island. We knew we wanted to be married in one of our favorite places that is so dear to us.” Kristin and Casey chose the Golden Inn for their reception venue, where the staff helped prepare and make decisions on everything regarding the ceremony and reception. As for the other vendors – since the couple wanted it to be small and special with their closest friends and family – they all were friends of theirs. This made the wedding very personal, and perfect.

Kristin and Casey were married on September 26, 2015 on the beaches of Avalon. The beach ceremony was perfect – a great temperature for September and no rain. Unfortunately it was very windy, and Kristin’s aunt jokes, “Your wedding was so beautiful, it just blew us away!” Although the wind was kicking up the sand, Kristin didn’t notice any of it. Her eyes and emotions were on one thing: Casey standing at the end of the aisle just in front of the waves.

Kristin doesn’t have just one favorite moment from her wedding day – the whole day was spectacular! They had a gorgeous ceremony, got beautiful pictures, had great food and company, and best of all, they had an ice cream bar! Besides getting married in Avalon, the ice cream bar is one thing Kristin would never change about her wedding day. Kristin says, “I recommend an ice cream bar for others planning a wedding. For a bride who can't eat wheat, wedding cake usually is not an option. This ice cream bar hit the sweet tooth spot, “by a mile!””

Since the wedding, Kristin and her one-year-old dog have joined Casey in his home, which is now “their” home. The couple has had some pretty big changes in the past few months, and they are looking forward to many more as they continue their journey together.


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