Leslie & Robert

How they met: Leslie and Robert met online. Leslie describes their first date as a "standard dinner." She says, "It was kind of boring, but neither of us managed to embarrass ourselves.”

The proposal: Robert proposed at Sunset Beach. It was a cloudy day, but the sun peaked through the clouds at the right time.

The planning: Planning was easy for the couple. Leslie’s mother and aunt did a majority of the planning with the wedding planner. They narrowed down some choices and let the couple make final decisions. It was difficult to come to Cape May to do a lot of the planning as Leslie was busy with a project at work.

The wedding: Leslie and Robert tied the knot on August 9. The couple was thrilled to see all of their friends and family on their special day. A lot of guests they had not seen in a few years, so it was really wonderful to have them there.

What Leslie recalls: Taking photos on Sunset Beach was the most memorable moment. Leslie remembers that beach patrons were courteous and helped give the couple space for pictures that did not feature beach goers. She remembers she arrived just before the Flag Lowering Ceremony so the couple had to stand in silence until the ceremony concluded.


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