Lisa & Jeff

September 26, 2015
Pan American Hotel, Wildwood Crest
Photographer: Gabriela Urda Photography

Lisa and her ex-husband had separated a few weeks prior to a business trip to Hawaii in January 2009. Fortunately, her friend CJ took her ex-husband’s place on the trip and they had a great time. A few months later, CJ mentioned to Lisa that her husband knew a guy who was also recently separated; that guy was Jeff. CJ insisted that they meet, claiming that the two of them would be very compatible. After much persistence from CJ, Lisa and Jeff finally agreed to meet. CJ still owed Lisa for the Hawaii trip, so she paid Lisa in furniture; on November 2, 2009, CJ and her husband recruited Jeff to help move the furniture into Lisa's house, having Lisa and Jeff meet for the first time, and the rest was history! “I’m convinced that spending time with CJ in Hawaii was the beginning of a long journey to getting Jeff and I to meet later that year,” says Lisa.

One night in June after dinner at Lisa’s house, Jeff gave Lisa an engagement ring. There was no fanfare to the engagement because if there was, Lisa would have been suspicious and known what was coming. Because there was no fanfare, Lisa was surprised and the moment was even more special to her. Both Lisa and Jeff are huge Halloween fans, but Jeff didn’t want to propose on a holiday since it seemed cliché. So he did something different and proposed on Friday, June 13 during a full moon.

Two months after the engagement, the planning began. Lisa and Jeff wanted to keep it small since it wasn’t the first marriage for either one of them. Lisa says, “We both love the beach and had discussed prior to our engagement that if we were to get married again, it would be on a beach somewhere, but it would have to be within a sensible distance from home so family and friends could attend without spending a lot of money.” So the couple chose the Wildwoods. Lisa had been vacationing at the Jersey Shore ever since she was a little girl, and Jeff was a newbie but fell in love with it after visiting with Lisa. A Google search led to Memoreys by Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks, and after meeting with the events manager, the details were set. Lisa and Jeff would be married on September 26, 2015 during the weekend of the Fall Car Show and Irish Festival at the Pan American Hotel in Wildwood Crest.

Lisa and Jeff’s wedding day was a particularly windy one which changed some plans, but they didn’t let that stop them from having a great destination wedding. Getting married in the Wildwoods was bittersweet for Lisa since it holds many vacation memories for her, specifically of her father, who passed away back in 2013.

Lisa doesn’t have one particular moment from her special day that stands out in her mind. Other than the weather, the entire day worked out as planned.

Lisa and Jeff are now living in Lisa’s house just outside of Reading, PA. Once Jeff sells his house in Bethlehem, PA, the two will concentrate on saving money and buying a house together.


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