Logan & Bobby

June 23, 2017
Historic Cold Spring Village, Cape May
Photographer: Kaitlin Noel Photography

Logan and Bobby first met in high school at a championship soccer game, where she spotted Bobby from across the room. Confused as to why she didn’t know him (they both went to small private schools and everybody knew everybody), she went up to him mid-conversation and asked, “I'm sorry, who are you?”

“Bobby, who are you?” he replied with a funny look. Logan told him her name, turned around and walked away.

About two weeks later, Logan and Bobby both attended the same all-star soccer game. Bobby came up to Logan and told her it was rude she hadn’t texted him yet. She didn't have his number, so he took her phone and said, “Well, we should change that.” Logan and Bobby started dating a few months later in December 2013.

The day Bobby proposed on July 23, 2015, Logan knew it was coming. They are a laid back couple, so Bobby gave it away when he said he was taking Logan out for their anniversary and suggested she wear a dress. They went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, where Bobby surprisingly ignored Logan and was on his phone the entire time. Logan decided to go to the bathroom to give him time to prepare for the proposal she expected, but was disappointed when she returned and Bobby said he wanted to go home. On the drive home, Bobby asked Logan to go to the nature reserve where they often watched the sunset. Out of disappointment and anger Logan said no, but finally agreed to go after Bobby asked once more. When they arrived, they walked the trail and eventually came to a clearing with rows of candles, a blanket with their names on it and a ring box. Logan and Bobby’s friends emerged from the trees and Logan immediately started crying. Bobby knew Logan was expecting a proposal, so he wanted to throw her off and make her think he wasn’t popping the question so she would be surprised... it worked.

Logan and Bobby were officially married on December 23, 2015 in a restaurant with their immediate family and three friends. They were planning on heading abroad for six months and couldn’t afford both the trip and a big wedding. They decided to have a larger wedding with all of their friends and family after they returned from abroad. Logan’s mother helped the couple plan their “real” wedding, which took place on June 23, 2017.

On wedding day, Logan slipped on her gorgeous gown from TESI Bridal & Formal in a quaint little Victorian home nearby. Her and her bridesmaids then headed to the gazebo at Historic Cold Spring Village, where Logan met Bobby to say their “I Dos.” The reception was held at the rustic pavilion filled with long farm tables, catered by Cold Spring Grange Restaurant with a delicious down-home barbeque-style buffet dinner.

“It was everything I wanted my wedding to be!” says Logan.


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