Melodee & Steven

July 13, 2015
Sunset Lounge, Cape May-Lewes Ferry
Photographer: Carol Jayne

Melodee and Steven first met in the sixth grade at Glenwood Elementary School in Wildwood where they immediately fell for each other. Over the next couple years of exchanging notes in class and hanging out with each other constantly, the two became best friends. But after high school, their lives took them down two different paths. Melodee moved to Florida and Steven moved to North Carolina. But in 2010, they reconnected and in June 2013, they finally realized they had feelings for each other. They both ended up back in Wildwood where they started their new life together.

While watching a movie one night, Steven unexpectedly got down on one knee and asked Melodee to marry him. Of course the answer was yes! That weekend they went to the jewelry store and Steven told Melodee to pick out whatever she wanted, and when she did, he got down on one knee in the middle of the store and asked her to marry him once again. The answer, again, was yes.

At first Melodee and Steven wanted a big wedding, but then they decided on something simple and small with their daughters and close friends and family.

The wedding was held on July 13, 2015 in the Sunset Lounge at the Cape May Ferry Terminal. Melodee and Steven exchanged vows while overlooking the water at sunset. Melodee made all of her own floral arrangements for the wedding. She also involved her children by having them do her hair and makeup for the big day, as well as choose music for the reception and sing at the wedding. “It was the best music ever!” says Melodee.

Melodee’s favorite moment of her special day was when Steven asked her, “How does it feel to be Mrs. Mallek?”

Melodee responded, “It feels perfect, just perfect, Mr. Mallek."

"Yes, it does,” said Steven.


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