Nicole & Matthew

October 23, 2015
Avalon Links Restaurant, Cape May Court House
Photographer: Kaitlin Noel Photography

Nicole and Matt met in 2011 through mutual friends. When Matt finally called Nicole and asked her to meet him out, Nicole was upset to decline due to a trip to the Emergency Room. But about 20 minutes later, Nicole noticed someone peeking around the corner of her ER room. It was Matt! He had managed to visit Nicole in between a friend’s bachelor party and dinner. A few nights later when Nicole was released from the ER, she left work and found a rose from Matt on her car windshield, which signified the beginning of their relationship together. After about a month of dating, Matt was deployed overseas for what was supposed to be three months, but it turned into seven. Finally, on April 20, Nicole received the phone call to pick up Matt in Atlantic City. After numerous emails, missed phone calls and Skype sessions, Matt was home!

Two years later, Matt completely surprised Nicole by gathering 60 of their friends and family members to what Nicole thought was a surprise birthday party for Matt’s mother. Little did she know, Matt was going to ask her to be his wife. After the arrival of Matt’s mother, yelling surprise and singing Happy Birthday, Matt’s father stepped up to say a few words and then turned the floor over to Matt. Down on one knee he went in front of all of their family and friends. With a proposal like that, of course Nicole said yes!

Nicole and Matt took two years to plan their wedding because of their busy schedules and Matt going overseas again. The couple took their time and kept things as simple as possible. They chose three main colors and incorporated those colors into every part of the ceremony, held at SeaShore Community Church, and the reception, held at Avalon Links.

One of Nicole’s most memorable moments was pulling up to SeaShore Community Church in the limo and knowing that Matt was waiting inside for her, and then seeing him standing at the front with a huge smile on his face. Nicole adds, “My favorite moment was at the reception, looking around and feeling so special seeing all of our family and friends around us celebrating our marriage. It’s a feeling I'll never forget.”


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