Samantha & Tyler

September 10, 2016
Ocean City Yacht Club
Photographer: Magdalena Kernan Studio

Samantha and Tyler have been together for over 10 years after meeting in the hallways of Ocean City High School. Since then, the high school sweethearts have gone to different colleges, graduated, moved to Florida together, moved back to New Jersey and purchased a home together in Egg Harbor Township.

On December 12, 2015, Samantha and Tyler hosted a housewarming and ugly sweater party at their new home with their friends and local family members. During the party, someone told Samantha the dogs had gotten out of her and Tyler's bedroom. She went upstairs to check, then Tyler called her back downstairs because someone backed into her car (what a party, right?). She went downstairs, oblivious to the fact that their 75 guests were no where to be found, then headed outside to find two real donkeys and the entire party on the front lawn. It took Samantha a few seconds to realize what was happening, but then Tyler got down on one knee and proposed. Samantha said yes, and as he picked her up a huge camel rose from the ground. "It was the best night, and I was completely surprised!" Samantha remembers.

Samantha and Tyler began planning their wedding that winter, and immediately chose the Ocean City Yacht Club as their venue. Having both grown up in Ocean City, they felt they had to incorporate their hometown and the water into their special day, and there was no better place than the Yacht Club. The rest of the planning went smoothly, and when the big day came they knew it would be the best weekend of their lives.

The Thursday before the wedding, Samantha and Tyler had their rehearsal dinner at Congress Hall. Despite the heat wave, it was a beautiful, relaxing night by the pool. Many family members and friends came into town on Friday, so Tyler's mother hosted a cocktail welcome party in her backyard on the bay.

On Saturday, wedding day, it was still a hot one, but luckily there was a breeze and the sun wasn't too strong. They said their "I Dos" on the beach outside of Tyler's grandparents' home on 26th and the Ocean City beach with Samantha's uncle as the officiant. Afterward, everyone headed to the Ocean City Yacht Club and danced the night away. "It couldn't have been any more fun, romantic and perfect if we tried," says Samantha.


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