Sarah & Edward

How they met: Sarah and Edward met when Edward transferred high schools. He and Sarah were in the same freshmen health class. Sarah remembers lending him a pencil that he never returned. Six years later, Edward sent Sarah a message. She politely kept turning him down. Eventually, she decided to see him, and they have been together ever since.

The proposal: Edward came home one day acting very strange. He would not sit next to Sarah on the couch and he barely spoke to her. When he finally did sit down, he pulled out a ring he had designed. The ring was too big for Sarah so they took it to be resized. Edward decided to propose again, with the better-fitting ring, walking on the beach one day. She was incredibly surprised!

The planning: It took eight months to plan their celebration. Sarah spent the first few months attending bridal shows and figuring out exactly what the couple wanted. She knew she wanted to be married on the beach because it had such a special meaning to their relationship. Sarah loved that she was able to plan with her friends and family. She decided to do a lot of the décor herself, and the whole family pitched in to help create Sarah and Edward's special day.

The wedding: Sarah and Edward were married on the beach on May 11. There was a chance of rain that day and the couple had to decide that morning whether to chance the rain or move the ceremony. They took a chance and the rain didn't begin until immediately after arriving at the reception. It was perfect timing.

What Sarah remembers: When walking down the aisle, Sarah saw her future husband tearing up. “It was the best feeling and more than I could have ever asked for,” Sarah says. She surprised her husband with a banner plane that flew over during the ceremony. It was all he had wanted. Their first kiss also makes the list of the memorable moments. “Sharing our first kiss as husband and wife was the most incredible feeling,” Sarah recalls.


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