Shannon & Erik

May 9, 2015
The Grand Hotel, Cape May
Photographer: Michael Chadwick Photography

Shannon and Erik met down the shore during Columbus Day weekend in 2011 through family members.

Two years later during Columbus Day weekend, Shannon, her family and Erik went up north to Portland, Maine for Shannon’s 30th birthday. One night during their trip, Shannon, Erik and a few close family members when to Sea Dog Brewery for dinner. While there, Erik took Shannon outside to a deck that overlooked a waterfall. While looking at the beautiful fall scenery, Erik popped the question and Shannon said yes.

It took a while for Shannon and Erik to plan their big day due to living situations – Erik’s job brought Shannon and Erik to Maryland. But having met down the shore, they both knew from the beginning that they wanted to get married by the beach regardless of where they lived. Although Shannon’s parents have a house in Ocean City, the couple ended up choosing to get married in Cape May. Erik’s father has a house in Wildwood Crest, so Shannon and Erik would often visit Cape May, where they fell in love with the old Victorian feel of the area. They chose the Penthouse Ballroom at The Grand Hotel of Cape May as their venue, loving the fantastic views of the beach and ocean that would make their guests fall in love with the Jersey Shore just as they have. They chose May 9 for their date because it was close enough to being at the shore in the summer without having it be too hot or too crowded. Shannon says, “At times, it seemed like a logistic nightmare to plan a wedding in New Jersey, but my parents living in Philadelphia helped a lot.”

Shannon’s favorite moment from her wedding day was her dance with her father. She is the youngest of three girls and is the last one he gave away. He picked the song “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw for them to dance to, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Shannon and Erik are happily continuing their journey together in Maryland.


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