2019 Wedding trends

by Rachel Shubin

Alternative bouquets:

Walking down the aisle holding flowers has always been a typical wedding element. Times are a changing as brides have opted to carry non-floral bouquets down the aisle.

A festive and often carnival themed treat, cotton candy is one of the unconventional bouquets brides and bridesmaids are walking down the aisle. Cotton candy can come in a variety of colors and makes pictures unforgettable and whimsical.

If flowers are still your wish, a trend of lush greenery is an exceptional choice. Myrtle, fern, ivy, filler flowers create unusual bouquets with dimension. Even supplementing the bouquets by using natural materials makes for a classic look, such as pinecones, wheat, cotton or fresh eucalyptus. A green look will be an extraordinary choice for your special day.

Grazing tables:

Forget your typical hor d’oeuvres and canapes! Try a grazing table, where you can allow your guests to snack on different breads, cheeses, crackers, nuts, meats, flavorful dips, chocolates and fruits. The unique idea will be sure to wow your guests and leave a favorable impression.

Timing is important, so seasonal fruit may be an additional alternative. Grazing tables contain foods which complement the main meal. Grazing tables are a delicious and unique way to take care of your guests.

Return to classics:

Simple gowns with clean lines and no embellishments, thank you Meghan Markle effect. Even polka dots have made their way into bridal runways, with polka dots on dresses and veils. Minimalistic dresses with regal fashion such as capes, capelets, billowy sleeves are all the rage as well.

Modest wedding dresses with Victorian looking high necklines and long sleeves are on the rise. Clean and classic looks lets the bride shine on her special day.