Battling the Elements for Your Beach Wedding

The crashing waves, the ocean breeze and the warm sunshine – it’s the perfect scenario for your seaside wedding. But as we all know, Mother Nature can have a mind of her own. Here’s how you can prepare for her disagreement, ensuring for the perfect wedding day no matter what.

Prepare for heat.

If you’re getting married in the middle of summer, it’s important to time your ceremony just right. Afternoon heat can be brutal at the beach, so try to avoid it with a morning or sunset ceremony. You can’t go wrong – mornings on the beach are peaceful and quiet, and sunsets on the beach create breathtaking backdrops. If for some reason you are only able to schedule an afternoon ceremony on the beach, try to find a shady spot. Inform guests to dress accordingly, and provide mini water bottles to keep everyone hydrated and ready to party. Aside from advising your guests how to dress, make sure you and your bridal party also dress appropriately. Lightweight attire is better, such as linen suits, cotton pants or even khakis for the men, and crepe fabrics for the women.

Prepare for wind.

A light ocean breeze flowing through your wedding gown is a beautiful sight. Unfortunately we cannot control wind speeds, so it’s important to prepare for heavy winds. The first thing to consider is the dresses. Choose a wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses that aren’t too short or light in fabric. Although airy fabrics are suggested for heat purposes, a fabric that’s too light will blow right up in the wind. Try Georgette, a lightweight crepe fabric whose design won’t be bothered by the wind. Next, consider the girls’ hairstyles. Loose curls are beautiful, but hair pulled up or pinned back is more realistic if you want the hairstyles to hold up in the wind. Also keep the wind in mind when selecting a veil. If needed, have your maid or matron of honor stand behind you so she can hold your veil if necessary. Last, have an emergency kit on hand with bobby pins, hairspray, glue, tape, safety pins, thumb tacks, Velcro, zip ties and clothespins.  You never know when you will need to glue, pin, tack, tie or tape something down!

Prepare for sunshine.

It might sound silly to prepare for sunshine, but if your beach ceremony site isn’t a shady one, guests might squint and struggle to see the beautiful couple. Remind guests to bring sunglasses, or purchase a bunch of cheap shades to hand out. You can even provide fun shade umbrellas for guests – it could make for some awesome photo opportunities!

And of course, prepare for rain.

We know the last thing you want to do is give up your dream of a beach wedding, but it’s important to have a backup plan in place in case Mother Nature gets ugly. Make arrangements in advance with your reception venue or a nearby hotel or hall as an alternate location to exchange vows. To prepare for a little drizzle, have umbrellas available or consider renting a tent.