From Miss to Mrs.: Changing Your Last Name

You’ve said your “I Dos,” relaxed on your honeymoon, written out the thank-you cards and picked out all of your favorite wedding photos. But the wedding tasks aren’t over just yet! The last thing on your to-do list before enjoying your time as newlyweds is to legally change your status from Miss to Mrs. Many documents and accounts will need to be changed, but no need to panic! Simply follow these steps to make your new last name official.

1. Obtain copies of your marriage license.

You will need certified copies of your marriage license to change any important documents. Call or visit the local clerk’s office where your license was filed and ask for multiple copies. Each organization you visit to change your name will need a certified copy with a raised seal, so photocopies won’t cut it.

2. Change your Social Security card.

Before you can change anything else, you must change your Social Security card. Apply for a new card via mail or in person at your local Social Security office. Save time and print out an application to fill out before you go at Be sure to bring proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport), proof of identity (driver’s license) and a copy of your marriage license.

3. Change your driver’s license.

Once you receive your new Social Security card in the mail, head to your local Department of Motor Vehicles office for a new license with your new last name. You will need six points of identification. We suggest bringing any form of identification you can get your hands on, such as your new Social Security card, your birth certificate, your old driver’s license, your passport, your marriage license and a utility bill less than 90 days old. While you’re there, change your voter and vehicle registration, too.

4. Update your bank accounts.

After you get your new driver’s license, don’t wait to update your bank accounts! To avoid any banking issues, visit the local branch of your bank to update this information as soon as possible. Bring your new driver’s license, marriage license and bank account information. Also request new debit cards, checks and credit cards associated with the bank.

5. Notify your employer.

This process could be as simple as showing your marriage license or new driver’s license, but is still very important for payroll, health insurance and investment purposes. Also be sure to update your email address and business cards!

6. Change your passport.

The last important document you need to update is your passport, which there is no rush to do unless you plan on going abroad soon. Remember – obtaining a new passport can take up to six weeks. You can request a name change on your passport by visiting and filling out an application, then mailing it in with your current passport, a copy of your marriage license and a color passport photo. The form you need to complete varies depending on how long after you’re married you’re applying for a new passport.

7. Change your social media accounts.

It’s time to let the world know your new last name! Flaunt it by changing your name on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other social media accounts you have. Update your relationship status to “Married” on Facebook and prepare for the flood of “Congratulations!”

8. Change everything else.

Now that the basic important documents have your new last name, other changes should be fairly easy. Update the post office, utility companies, credit card companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, doctors’ offices, gym/health clubs and anything else you can think of.

Finally, enjoy your new last name!