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If your venue allows it, supplying your own alcohol for your wedding can be a huge money saver. But just what should you get, and how much of it? Joe Canal’s is here to help!

First, decide which type of bar you want. Full bar, modified full bar or beer and wine only? For a modified full bar, whiskey, gin, vodka, beer and wine are recommended, with tonic, juice, club soda and soda as mixers, and lemon and lime garnishes. For a full bar, add in rum and tequila. And of course, for a beer and wine only bar, you just have to worry about the beer and wine.

Next, you’ll want to determine the types of beer and wine to get. Consider one dark and one light beer to provide options, and also think about bottles versus a keg. Bottles can be more expensive, however, kegs require a tap system which you will need to rent from the liquor store. For wine, purchase at least one red and one white blend. Bubbles such as champagne or sparkling wine are optional, and are usually only served for toasting purposes.

So, how much do you need? Generally, one bottle of wine serves four people, one bottle of liquor serves 18, one bottle of beer serves one and one keg serves 165. For a full or modified full bar, about 50 percent of guests will drink wine, 30 percent will drink liquor and 20 percent will drink beer. For a beer and wine only bar, about 75 percent will drink wine and 25 percent will drink beer. Check out your guest list and do the math! Assume that each person will have one drink per hour. Additionally, if you’re getting bubbles for toasting only, you will want about four to five ounces per person, per toast.

Some tips: adjust accordingly to your crowd’s drinking preferences, buy cases when buying in bulk, hire a bartender and don’t forget the ice!

For all of your wedding day spirits, visit Joe Canal’s of Rio Grande, offering a huge selection at the lowest prices. Local delivery is available for your bulk purchases! For more information, call (609) 886-9786 or email


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