Cape May County Wedding Stories

Shelley & Chris

Shelley and Chris met four years ago online through OkCupid! Neither one of them signed up thinking it would lead to marriage, but both feel very fortunate that it did. Their first date was at the Great American Pub in Conshohocken where they sat...

Cape May, Outdoor, Beach, Summer
Kristin & Casey

Kristin and Casey first met in middle school in West Grove, PA in 2000. After middle school, the two went to different high schools and grew apart. But a few years later in 2009, they met once again at West Chester University, where they both...

Beach, Outdoor, Avalon, Fall
Regina & Rose Marie

Regina and Rose Marie were introduced through sports by a mutual friend. The couple has been together for 34 years, since July 21, 1981.

In the fall of 2014, Regina and Rose Marie decided they wanted to express their commitment and love...

Sea Isle City, Fall, Indoor
Shannon & Erik

Shannon and Erik met down the shore during Columbus Day weekend in 2011 through family members.

Two years later during Columbus Day weekend, Shannon, her family and Erik went up north to Portland, Maine for Shannon’s 30th birthday. One...

Cape May, Indoor, Spring
Lisa & Jeff

Lisa and her ex-husband had separated a few weeks prior to a business trip to Hawaii in January 2009. Fortunately, her friend CJ took her ex-husband’s place on the trip and they had a great time. A few months later, CJ mentioned to Lisa that her...

Wildwoods, Beach, Outdoor, Fall
Laura & Bob

Laura and Bob first met in Northeast Philadelphia, where they both worked at the same bank. Once they got to talking, they realized they knew a lot of the same people and places in the area. They instantly felt a connection to one another and it...

Cape May, Outdoor, Summer
Erika & Matthew

Erika and Matthew met on and realized during their first few email exchanges that they lived in the same complex just three streets away from each other. They decided to meet for the first time at Mediterra in Princeton, NJ for a drink...

Avalon, Stone Harbor, Beach, Outdoor, Spring
Melodee & Steven

Melodee and Steven first met in the sixth grade at Glenwood Elementary School in Wildwood where they immediately fell for each other. Over the next couple years of exchanging notes in class and hanging out with each other constantly, the two...

Cape May, Summer, Indoor
Leslie & Robert

How they met: Leslie and Robert met online. Leslie describes their first date as a "standard dinner." She says, "It was kind of boring, but neither of us managed to embarrass ourselves.”

The proposal:...

Cape May, Summer
Lauren & Kyle

How they met: Kyle and Lauren had been working together. Lauren had been eyeing him up for a few months when they were set up by a mutual friend.

The proposal: Kyle had taken Lauren on a carriage ride one...

Cape May, Fall