Cape May County Wedding Stories

Jillian & Trey

Jillian and Trey met online in August 2014. When it came time to finally meet in person, Jillian was on crutches for the first date due to tearing her ACL while playing soccer. After their date, Trey repeatedly visited Jillian post-surgery and...

Outdoor, Indoor, Spring, Sea Isle City
Melissa & Stephen

Melissa and Stephen met through mutual friends in 2007. After dating for eight years, they got engaged in April 2015.

The couple chose to get married in Cape May County because it was home to both of them during their childhoods. They both...

Outdoor, Indoor, Sea Isle City, Spring
Nicole & Matthew

Nicole and Matt met in 2011 through mutual friends. When Matt finally called Nicole and asked her to meet him out, Nicole was upset to decline due to a trip to the Emergency Room. But about 20 minutes later, Nicole noticed someone peeking around...

Indoor, Cape May, Cape May Court House, Fall
Erin & Alex

Erin and Alex both attended Bloomsburg University, but didn’t meet until their senior year in 2010.

Just about four years from their meeting, Erin and Alex prepared to host a Super Bowl party for their friends and family, and for Erin’s...

Beach, Outdoor, Cape May, Spring
Louise & Michael

On May 21, 2011, Louise attended the wedding of her colleague, Colleen, and Mike attended the same wedding of his friend, Tim, at the Seaport Museum in Philadelphia. Louise and Mike arrived at different times, but were both greeted by the same...

Beach, Outdoor, Cape May, Summer
Shelley & Chris

Shelley and Chris met four years ago online through OkCupid! Neither one of them signed up thinking it would lead to marriage, but both feel very fortunate that it did. Their first date was at the Great American Pub in Conshohocken where they sat...

Cape May, Outdoor, Beach, Summer
Kristin & Casey

Kristin and Casey first met in middle school in West Grove, PA in 2000. After middle school, the two went to different high schools and grew apart. But a few years later in 2009, they met once again at West Chester University, where they both...

Beach, Outdoor, Avalon, Fall
Regina & Rose Marie

Regina and Rose Marie were introduced through sports by a mutual friend. The couple has been together for 34 years, since July 21, 1981.

In the fall of 2014, Regina and Rose Marie decided they wanted to express their commitment and love...

Sea Isle City, Fall, Indoor
Shannon & Erik

Shannon and Erik met down the shore during Columbus Day weekend in 2011 through family members.

Two years later during Columbus Day weekend, Shannon, her family and Erik went up north to Portland, Maine for Shannon’s 30th birthday. One...

Cape May, Indoor, Spring
Lisa & Jeff

Lisa and her ex-husband had separated a few weeks prior to a business trip to Hawaii in January 2009. Fortunately, her friend CJ took her ex-husband’s place on the trip and they had a great time. A few months later, CJ mentioned to Lisa that her...

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