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2019 Trending Wedding Gifts

There are many choices surrounding weddings from the dress, the rings, venues, guests and where to go on your honeymoon. In turn, the guests attending your wedding have decisions to make too. Picking out the perfect gift for the happy bride and groom can be

Gift of an experience: If you have more than you need or a small registry, think outside of the box – literally. Giving the gift of an experience is sure to create memories beyond a physical item.

  • Cooking classes, or classes of a hobby the couple shares and enjoys
  • Movie, museum or event tickets for a later date
  • Escape rooms
  • Wineries, breweries and distilleries

Give a recurring gift: Subscription boxes are all the rage and you can pre-pay for a selected number of months or a year, for some subscriptions. It’s a great way to let the couple know you’re thinking of them regularly. It is fun to receive mail and it’s a unique gift that keeps giving. Plus there are subscription boxes for a variety of preferences.

If all else fails, money: If you’re truly stumped on what to get the newlyweds, cash or checks is always an option. Many couples are happy to take the money and put it towards something they really want. It’s a good idea to send the money ahead of time, as things can easily get misplaced during the chaos of the day.