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2020 Wedding Trends: Out With the Old, In With the New

2019 couples chose balloon backdrops, loose eucalyptus, deep burgundies, neon signs, and charcuterie boards for every wedding event. 2020 couples are already leaning towards monochromatic color palletes, sustainable vendors, abstract backdrops, interactive moments, and customizable menus. 

Trends may change from year to year, but certain trends flow over into the following year to compete for a spot as a classic wedding staple. Here are a few new things on the horizon in 2020, as well as a few fun trends from 2019 that will hold their place on the front page of Pinterest.

New Year, New Trends


Green Weddings
No, green is not referencing color schemes here! More couples are leaning towards more sustainable options during the engagement and wedding process. From buying vintage or ethically sourced rings to focusing on locally grown food for their reception, these couples are ensuring they start their new life together by leaving a reduced carbon footprint.


Something Classic Blue
Okay, now we are talking about color! Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue, a bold blue hue that is sure to catch the guest’s attention. Expect to see more blue bridesmaids dresses, tuxes, décor, and more. It exudes calm, but confidence, which is exactly how every couple strives to be on their wedding day.


Self-Service Sips
For a more casual, laid back vibe at the bar, consider creating a self-service area for beers, wine, pre-mixed cocktails, and anything else guests may desire. This is the perfect opportunity to pick some favorite brews, create a beer garden, and set it out for all to see. Display the drinks in stylish buckets, wheelbarrows, or rowboats, to name a few options, depending on the overall style.

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2019 Trends That Are Still Having a Moment

Custom Sketches and Illustrations
With so many beautiful venues and town maps in Cape May County, a custom illustration is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to save the dates or invitations. Anything from a simple sketch to a detailed illustration can elevate the entire look of the stationary, plus the original artwork that can be stored away and looked back on forever.

Custom Signs
Handwritten and handpainted signs are a beautiful way to welcome guests to the ceremony, help them find their seats, or kindly ask them to keep their cell phones in their pockets as not to ruin the professional photos. This year, this trend continues with even more options available! In 2019, there was a rise in customized neon signs, and while they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, laser cut wood seems to have taken its place for ceremony backdrops.

Decorative Greenery
Bohemian and ethereal brides loved the look of a more natural, green bouquet or table setting when planning in 2019. This trend may be turning into a classic because everything from eucalyptus to monstera leaves are still having a moment. The bride-favorite leaves were seen everywhere, from the invitations to outdoor signage, bouquets to the boutonnieres. This year will bring even more neutral and fresh displays for the brides with green thumbs.