Amanda & Eric

July 15, 2022

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Rehearsal Dinner
The Bake Works, Fudgy Wudgy Man, Laura’s Fudge

Amanda and Eric’s story begins in 2015 at an Apple Store in Newark, Delaware, where they both worked full-time. The two had always gotten along well, but an after-work gathering with drinks and guitar playing made the two realize that they got along better than they ever knew.

Fast-forward to July of 2022: the couple is celebrating their wedding at the ICONA Resort, located at the southern point of Wildwood island. The very southern point of Wildwood island is known locally as Diamond Beach, technically a part of the municipality of Lower Township. Both Amanda and Eric grew up coming to the iconic island and knew right away that this was the place to celebrate their most special of days.  

“Every time we go to Wildwood, there is an energy that reminds us of our childhoods and takes us back to when we were kids. Although we have different memories and stayed at different places, we have the same feeling of breathing in the salty air and reminiscing in the excitement of the boardwalk when we were young. It’s exciting to think we may have passed by each other at some point!”  

In the years leading up to their marriage, Wildwood was the backdrop for Amanda and Eric’s evolving intimacy. They remember late nights at Duffers; they would sing to each other in the car in the neon-soaked streets of 5-mile-island after enjoying one of Duffer’s massive ice cream sundaes.  

Their ICONA wedding was everything they could have asked for. The venue is backed right up to the Atlantic Ocean and has its own fenced-off beach area with bars and food. It’s the tallest building on the island and had plenty of room for their wedding guests.    

After cutting the cake, provided by The Bake Works in Northfield, Amanda realized her husband was on the dance floor with a guitar and microphone. He was going to sing to her just like the first time he swooned her at that after-work party. He had somehow kept this all a secret; as a complete surprise, he sang “Grow Old With You,” an Adam Sandler song from The Wedding Singer. Eric changed a few lyrics changed to make the song unique to their relationship.  

The song moved Amanda to tears. She ran up to her new husband and embraced him with appreciation. Right on queue, the DJ played “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, the song they heard the morning they got engaged.  

After the party was in full swing, the Fudgy Wudgy Man appeared and served ice cream to all their guests. If you’ve spent any time in Wildwood, you might have seen the Fudgy Wudgy Man’s iconic ice cream cart, or maybe have heard his loud call: “Fuuudgy Wudggyy! Get your Fudgy Wudgy!”   

The wedding was a beautiful capstone to their engagement, which happened almost exactly a year before the wedding. Both Amanda and Eric were excited to get married in their favorite Jersey Shore town, and incorporated local elements like Laura’s Fudge, the Fudgy Wudgy Man, and flowers from the locally-famous Petal’s Floral Design.