Julia & Gregory

May 19, 2018

Photographer: GRE Photography


Washington Inn Catering
Ceremony & Reception
Isaac Smith Vineyard
Fete Urbane
Chez Michel Bakery

Julia and Gregory’s first date was the longest and best date either of them had ever been on. They met in Philly at a bar and bar hopped, ate and laughed their way through Fishtown. A few days later, Greg cooked Julia dinner and they started spending all of their time together.

Gregory and Julia both love being outdoors and are happiest when camping, hiking, biking or hanging on the beach together. Gregory proposed to Julia while they were on a camping trip in Acadia National Park in Maine. After a long day of hiking and exploring the park, he asked Julia to marry him as they sat together on the rocky coast enjoying a beer and the sunset. It’s no surprise they wanted to have an outdoor wedding.

Early in the process of shopping for wedding venues, Julia and Gregory realized the majority of their guests were going to have to travel to get to the wedding. They decided to look for a place that would provide not only a beautiful outdoor venue for a wedding, but a great getaway weekend location for their guests. They chose the Isaac Smith Vineyard in Cape May since it covered everything they wanted; an outdoor wedding at a beautiful location and in a town by the ocean.

Rain was always a possibility for Julia and Gregory’s May wedding date.  It poured almost the whole week leading up to their wedding day. The morning of the wedding it was still dreary outside, but the clouds broke mid-day and the sun came out over the beach. Just before the uncovered ceremony began at the vineyard, the clouds started looming again. A few sprinkles started coming down after Julia went down the aisle and the ceremony was nearly complete when it started to pour. With all of the stress that the rain caused leading up to that day, all Julia and Gregory could do was laugh their way through the rest of the ceremony before running under the tent for cover.

The cocktail hour had to be moved into the tent. Lindsey Debaun, the Washington Inn Catering event manager, led the catering staff to move everything inside the tent during the downpour. Lindsey handled everything so smoothly; it seemed planned that way. The White Cheddar Boys, a Philly-based bluegrass band, set up shop on the dance floor for cocktail hour. The delicious appetizers and music made everyone forget all about the rain. At some point during cocktail hour, the rain finally stopped, so everyone could enjoy being outdoors.

The next day, Julia and Gregory woke up filled with so much love and happiness; it felt like they were floating on a cloud. Julia and Gregory would do it all over again and not change a thing.