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Put More You in Your Wedding Day

A wedding is first about the married couple to be and second about adding a unique touch to the ceremony and reception. From religious customs, traditional rituals and types of flowers, there are many elements of weddings that can reflect a couples’ personality.


Picking out your wedding song and music is a dreamy experience. If you choose to forgo the traditional bridal march or look for an updated twist on the classic, your guests will know it’s not your average wedding. A customized playlist lets your wedding guests see your true personality.


Wedding guests typically have two legs, but four-legged guests have been making an appearance on the aisle. Pets are considered family members, so why not include them on your special day? Just make sure you have a backup plan when the ceremony is over!


Having a designated table for the photographic timeline of your relationship is a wonderful feature. Photos lend a personal touch, no matter what your color scheme or theme. Photos of the happy couple at various life stages, family members and loved ones (perhaps in memoriam) will look wonderful on a display table with a guest book. Even go digital and load images into a slide show set to music.


Make favors meaningful by forgoing common items like bubbles and chocolate. Instead, send a little of yourself home with your guests. Maybe it’s a memento from Cape May County or a bottle opener shaped like an anchor if you met at the beach. Think about the moments that define you as a couple and do some searching online! The options will pile up!


Choosing food that represents your life together is a great way to give your guests a glimpse of your good taste, literally. Your main course can be a favorite food or one you enjoyed on a date. Even plan the entire menu around a region you hold close to your heart, like local Cape May cuisine.


Weddings can be filled with typical options and choices, but your wedding should be anything but typical. Putting your touch on a special day that will be filled with memories that are uniquely your own.