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Tips & Tricks From The Brides

Photo by Lauren + Zac Photography

I really wanted a sparkler exit and my planner asked, ‘Do you want a sparkler exit? Or do you just want nice photos of a sparkler exit?’ And I was like, okay, obviously I just wanted the photos. So right after the cake cutting, we had the bridal party go outside to stage the sparkler exit. You can run it a couple of times if you have to and you'll get nice photos and that'll be it!

My florist told me that most brides want white or ivory roses for their flowers, but those colors against your light dress can be difficult to see in pictures. Choose darker colors for your flowers so you can see them against your dress and lighter flowers against your bridesmaids’ dresses if they are wearing darker colors.

Photo by Magdalena Studios
Photo by Sean Marshall Lin Photography

The entertainment package we chose was a fusion DJ, so it was your typical DJ with band members playing along to the music live during the reception. The musicians mix their sound and play along with all the songs the DJ plays, so you get the best of both worlds instead of choosing between a DJ and a band.

Other Tips and Tricks to Consider

  • For your guestbook, ask guests to sign Jenga tiles, fill in their own Cards Against Humanities options, or design the back of playing cards so you can remember your special day while playing the games for years to come.
  • If you plan to have children attend your wedding, set up games, coloring books, or other activities at to keep them occupied while their parents have fun.
  • Use your favors as your place settings so there are no forgotten favors at the end of the night. The favors are personalized with their name, so they will be hard to lose or forget!
  • For a green thank you card or end-of-the-night favor, use plantable stationery so your guests can plant each one and part of your big day lives on in the garden of every guest who helped share in your love